The real value of yourself.

The value of yourself.  

It is upon you to decide the value of your life. 
I'm going to share you a short story on this topic,

Hello friends, 

One day a son goes to his father and said father, 
'what is the value of my life'?

The father give some stones and says son if you want to know the value of your life take this stone and go to the market, 

And if anyone asks the price just Raise Up two fingers. 

So, the boy does as his father said and he went to the market.
He wanders around and suddenly an old woman approaches him and says 
'how much is this stone'? 
The boy doesn't says word just raises two finger and the woman says $2, I'll take it.

The son is surprised and runs back to his father and he says to his father, 
there was an old woman at the market she wanted to give me two dollar for this stone,
and the father says son next place I want you to go is the Museum,

and if anyone ask the prize don't say a word,
and just raise up two finger and the son takes the stone and goes to the museum after about 20 minute there is a middle aged man approaches the boy,
He says Sir, how much is this stone,
the boy doesn't say a single word,
And raises up finger
and the man says $200, I'll take it.

The boy is surprised and runs back to his father,
father! father!
Man in the museum wanted to buy the stone for $200
Okay son. 
The last place I want you to go is a precious stone Store
Walk inside the store and if anyone ask the price don't say a word just Raise Up two fingers.

The son runs to the precious stone store. After finding it he walks inside it and there is an old man at the counter. 
And as the old man sees the stone he jumps up and screams :oh my god! 
you have the stone, 
I have been looking for from my whole life, what you want for it,
How much does you want for it?
The boy doesn't say a single word and raise the two finger, 
And the old man says 200,000 dollars
I will take it. 

The boy cannot believe it. 
He jumps up and run to his father. 
Father! Father! 
The old man in the precious stone store wanted to give me $200,000 for stone. 

You see son? 
Do you understand now the value of your life? 
Life is all about where you place yourself. You can decide if you want to be a $2 stone or $200,000 stone.  
There are some people who love you and for whom you are everything? 
And some people use you as a commodity and for them you will be worth nothing? 

It is upon you my son to decide the value of your life

Thanks for reading, 
stay tuned for more stuff like this.

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