16 Interesting Facts about Metals.

Interesting Facts about Metals. 

Metals are used in: Transportation -- Cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes.

Humans are using metals since a long time back. Initially metals were used as Weapons for hunting and protection, different tools and many other things. 

As a matter of fact, copper was the first metal that man discovered in 9000 BCE. The other metals used in pre-historic times were gold, silver, tin, lead, and iron.

A few interesting facts about Metals is presented to you. 
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#1. Wood furnitures are coated with zinc chloride to prevent termites. 

Termites causes a great loss to the wooden furniture everywhere. 
But Zinc chloride and other Chemical compounds can now save the wooden furniture. 

#2. Rusting of iron (Corrosion) is a change which increases the weight of iron. 


Metals form metal oxide when they oxidize, Which is a chemical change. 

Corrosion is a big menace to the economy of the country. In India the losses have been estimated approximately of 25,000 crores rupees per year due to the impact of corrosion.
Corrosion is the biggest enemy of a metal. 

#3. Gunpowder contains 75% potassium nitrate 10% Sulphur and 15% charcoal. 

Gunpowder is also known as Black powder. 
Gun powder has its own history. 
It is the earliest known chemical explosive.

#4. Onion and garlic odour due to potassium. 

#5. Potassium carbonate is known as Pearl Ash. 

#6. In Fireworks, Crimson red colour is due to presence of Strontium and green colour is due to the presence of Barium. 

As a matter of fact, 
Disney is the largest user of fireworks in the United States.
According to 2003 reports, the parks use around 90,000 pounds of fireworks every year.

#7. Silver iodide is used in artificial rain. 

Silver iodide provides a crystal around which moisture can condense. The moisture is already present in the clouds, but silver iodide essentially makes rain clouds more effective at dispensing their water.

#8. Silver nitrate is used as marker during election it is kept in a coloured bottle to avoid decomposition. 

We all have must observed that this ink don't fade away easily. 

#9. Iron pyrite is known as Fool's gold. 

Isn't it looks like Gold? 
But relax, It isn't Gold. 
Well said, Fool's Gold. 

#10.In tubelight there is the vapour of Mercury and Argon. 

#11. Mercury and gallium are the metals which are liquid at room temperature. 

#12. World famous Eiffel Tower has steel and cement base. 

#13. Excess of copper in human being causes disease called Wilson. 

In this very common situation, copper is present in excess in the body, but it cannot be utilized well. The reason it occurs is that minerals such as copper must be bound and transported within the body.

#14. Palladium metal is used in aeroplanes. 

Platinum and palladium are used because they are stable, corrosion-resistant and durable. You'll find them and other precious metals in fuel nozzles, heat exchangers, turbine vanes, and elsewhere.

#15. Cadmium rod is used in nuclear reactor to slow down the speed of neutron.

#16. Until 1735 no new metals had been discovered since prehistoric times; 

Iron, copper, silver, gold, zinc, mercury, tin, lead and bismuth. When Georg Brandt recognized a tenth, Cobalt, he became the first ever known person to discover a metal. For thousands of years, cobalt was mistaken for bismuth.

These were a few facts about metals.

The above article is written by my search work on internet and other sources. 

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