25 Facts about Technology

Facts about Technology.

Technology is an ever-changing and ever-growing thing, 
which is keep on developing to give us what we can imagine to this world. Technology is everywhere around us. 

Do you know how much of the world's currency is digital? Or do you know the charges of buying a domain name before 1995?

Read on to this and you will find out some interesting facts about technology for sure. 

# Fact 1

World's first and oldest registered domain name on internet is www.symbolics.com which was registered on 15 March 1985 and still running. 

# Fact 2

More than 35 crore domain names are registered on internet and more than 1 million new registrations are done per month. 

# Fact 3

Before 1995 it was free to register a domain name. But after 1995 charges were applied to buy domain name. Initially the charges per $100 per 2 year registration and later it was reduced to $70 per 2 year registration. 

# Fact 4

The most selling mobile phones on Earth are Nokia 1100 and Nokia 1110 both stands at 25 crore devices sold worldwide. 

# Fact 5

The first computer mouse was made up of wood. 

# Fact 6

The most selling smartphone on Earth is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, 
Around 22 crore units of both smartphones were sold worldwide. 

# Fact 7 

Everyone uses Google as a spell check. More than 96% people type in words in Google to check their spelling. 

# Fact 8 

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is Red and Green colour blind, that is why Facebook is mostly blue. 

# Fact 9

People who are over the age of 50 years and uses internet on a regular basis are called Silver Surfers

# Fact 10

Scientist says that 4 gram of human DNA can store more data than all the data present in the data centre all over the world. 

# Fact 11

Bluetooth is named after a Danish King Harald Bluetooth, who has a quality to unite the desperate territories. 

# Fact 12

There is a special mobile phone called John's phone, which is also referred as Anti-Smartphone. 

# Fact 13 

Cigarette lighter was invented before the invention of Matchbox

# Fact 14

Hubble Telescope is regarded as the best human invention till the date. 

# Fact 15 

The first headphone was invented in 1910. Later these headphones were sold to US Navy. 

# Fact 16

The first logo of Apple depicts;
Isaac Newton sitting below the Apple tree and the apple being ready to fall over his head.

# Fact 17

Email was invented before World wide web. 
You had to use a computer and a rotary telephone to connect to a service called Micronet. This was pre-WWW, so there were no URLs, just numbered webpages. For emails, the webpage number was 7776.

# Fact 18

More than 90% Currency of the world is digital currency. 

# Fact 19

Of all the population on earth around 4.8 billion people use a mobile phone but only 4.2 billion of them use a toothbrush. 

# Fact 20

The company Snapchat was initially started with the different name Picaboo

# Fact 21

The animal seen in the logo of Mozilla Firefox browser is Red Panda not a fox.

# Fact 22

Google rents out goats to Grace grasses in their lawn, at their Mountain View headquarters. 

# Fact 23

Samsung is one of the leading weapon producing companies in South Korea, initially founded as a grocery store on 1st March 1938.

# Fact 24

Every advertisement of iPhone has 9:41 set as the time. 

# Fact 25

Specifically, 220 million tons of old computers, along with other devices, are thrown away every year in the U.S. alone.

These were a few facts about Technology. 

That's all in this article. 

Thank you. 

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