21 Interesting Facts about Food.

Facts about Foods that will amaze you. 

The food that we eat, either Man-made or Natural, both have some amazing and interesting facts related to them. 

Do you know, which is the most stolen food in the world?
Do you know, which food item was once used as a Currency?

Read onto this article and you will find some amazing facts related to the food around us for sure.

# Fact 1

In ancient time, carrots were of purple colour. But due to mutation, its colour changed to yellow and then to orange.

# Fact 2

There are more than a thousand varieties of banana. While only 1 variety is produced for export markets.  

# Fact 3

Many people dislike the food in aeroplane, because at higher altitude our ability to smell and taste reduces by 20%-50%.

# Fact 4

There are so much Nutella jar are sold in a year, that are enough to cover the Great Wall of China 8 times.

# Fact 5
Around 49% people in America, eat a sandwich everyday. 

# Fact 6

The most expensive pizza in world costs nearly $12,000. It takes around 72 hours to prepare that pizza. 

# Fact 7

The most bought food in the world is fresh bread. 

# Fact 8

In an emergency, coconut water can be used in place of blood plasma. 

# Fact 9

The most easiest way to prevent dehydration is to eat cucumber. Cucumber contain around 96% water. 

# Fact 10

🍋 Lemon is considered as one of the most healthy food in the world. 

# Fact 11

🍯 Honey is the only food that do not spoil, scientist have even found Honey from the pyramids, which was in good condition. 

# Fact 12

Those were Portuguese, who brought tomato, potato and chilli in India. 

# Fact 13

Generally Indian food have six different taste; Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, Pungent and Astringent.

# Fact 14

Crackers have holes in them because during baking process it prevent the air bubble from ruining the product. 

# Fact 15

In 1800's, people believe that tomato ketchup had medicinal values. 

# Fact 16

Expiry date that we see on water bottles, is actually the expiry date of that bottle, not water. Since water may become tasteless as the plastic bottles starts releasing chemicals. 

# Fact 17

Strawberries are not berries, Practically berries have seed inside them, but strawberries don't have seed inside them. 

# Fact 18

Cheese is the most stolen food in the world. There are even black markets for cheese. 
It is found that around 4% Cheese goes on missing from the Stores. 

# Fact 19

Honey roughly requires 20 to 30 minutes to reach our bloodstream, as it is already been digested by bees.

# Fact 20

Chicken tikka masala is actually a Scottish dish, not an Indian. 

# Face 21

Ancient American civilizations, used Chocolate also as a currency.

These were a few amazing and interesting facts about food around us. 

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