21 Interesting facts about India

Facts about India that you should know.

India is always famous for its rich and varied culture, historical monuments and many other things.

Do you know why Switzerland celebrate its National Science Day on 26 may? 
Do you know how the word "shampoo" is related to one of the Indian language Sanskrit?

Read onto this article and you will know some interesting and must know facts about India. 

# Fact 1

The name India is originated from the river Indus, which was used to flow in the Indus valley civilization. 

# Fact 2

Algebra, decimal system and many other mathematical discoveries held in India. 

# Fact 3

The first university of India was started in 700 BC, which is known as Takshila University. Students from all over the globe came to study there. 

# Fact 4

The biggest Postal service of world is in India. 

# Fact 5

There is a floating Post Office in India, which is located in the Dal Lake. 
Dal lake is a lake in the city of Srinagar, Kashmir. 

# Fact 6

The road network in India spans over 1.9 million miles. 

# Fact 7

India is the biggest banana exporting country in the world. Then comes the number of Brazil. 

# Fact 8

The highest cricket stadium in the world is in Himachal Pradesh, India. The stadium is 24000 above the sea level. 

# Fact 9

India is the first cricket playing nation in the world to win a 60 over World Cup, 50 over world cup and a 20 over world cup. 

# Fact 10

Ancient art of yoga was originated in India, more than 5000 years back. 

# Fact 11

India is the biggest tea producing and consuming country in the world. 
30% of the total tea in the world is produced and 25% of the total tea in the world is consumed in India. 

# Fact 12

Pentium chip was invented by an Indian, Vinod Dham. 90% of the world's total computers runs on it. 

# Fact 13

Switzerland celebrates National Science Day on 26 May, because the former Indian President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam visited Switzerland on 26 May 2006.

# Fact 14

Shampoo was invented in India, the word shampoo is originated from the Sanskrit word "champoo" which means doing massage.

# Fact 15

India has never invaded any country in its history of previous 10000 years. 

# Fact 16

12% scientist in America and 36% scientist in NASA are Indian. 

# Fact 17

The city of London has more Indian restaurants then the Indian cities of Mumbai and Delhi. 

# Fact 18

The first rocket of India was so light that it was transported on a bicycle, to the launching station. 

# Fact 19

While the second rocket which was much heavier was transported on a bullock cart to the launching station. 

# Fact 20

The biggest employer in India, which gives employment to more than 1 million people.

# Fact 21

Until the year 1896, Officially India was the only country where diamonds were found.

These were a few interesting and must know facts about India. 

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