21 Facts about World History.

21 Interesting Historical facts.

Historical facts, which were told to us in school days were interesting and amazing. But there are also many facts which they didn't told us in schools.

Did you know T-shirt was invented in 1904.
Do you know which American president was a renowned wrestler?

Read onto this article and you will find some interesting facts related to World History for sure. 

# Fact 1

The speed of first train in the world was 8 kilometre per hour. It took its first journey on 21st February 1804.

# Fact 2

The sign of dollar was introduced in 1788. But there are many hypothesis related to the origin of this sign. 

# Fact 3

The first pizza store was started in the Naples city in Italy in 1830. 

# Fact 4

Ancient egyptians used to use Stones in place of pillows. They used headrest made up of stones or wood. 

# Fact 5

Once upon a time the official language of England was French. Which remain its official language for around 600 years. 

# Fact 6

Before 14 million years all the the piece of land on earth was combined, Which got separated with time. 

# Fact 7

The first automatic street light was installed in New milford, USA on 2nd March 1949. 

# Fact 8

The Leaning Tower of Pisa never stood up straight. It is tilted 4 degree on side. Scientist say the Tower was built on soft clay that's why it tilted. 

# Fact 9

Queen Elizabeth II was never supposed to be a Queen. But she became Queen in 1952 and now she is the longest ruling British Monarch for more than 68 years. 

# Fact 10

The shortest war in the history was the Anglo-zanzibar war. It was fought between the England and zanzibar, where Zanzibar surrendered in 38 minutes. 

# Fact 11

The longest war in the history was fought between Netherlands and the Sicily Isles from 1651 to 1986. As there was no peace Treaty was signed between both the nations. 

# Fact 12

Oldest parliament in the world is in Iceland, the Parliament was established in 930. 

# Fact 13

India never invaded any country in his 10,000 years history. However many invaders came to India and cause a lot of harm to the wealth of the country. 

# Fact 14

Ancient Romans used urine as a mouthwash. As urine is rich in Ammonia and ammonia is a natural cleaner.

# Fact 15

Albert Einstein was offered the post of President of Israel in 1952. But Einstein declined the offer. 

# Fact 16

Before 19th century, Dentures were commonly made with the teeth of Dead soldiers. 

# Fact 17

Before becoming a politician Abraham Lincoln was a well-known wrestler. In his 300 bout career he was only defeated once.

# Fact 18

World's biggest family is in India. A man named Ziona Chana with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grand children. 

# Fact 19

Napoleon was once attacked by Bunny rabbits. It happened in July 1807. 

# Fact 20

Ronald Regan and Donald Trump are the only two presidents in World, who are a divorcee.

# Fact 21

In ancient Olympics, athletes performed naked. They did this to easily clear toxins from their skin. 

These were a few facts about The world history. 

That's all in this article. 

Thank you. 

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