Facts about logos of 10 brand.

Facts about logos of 10 different brands.

Everyday we come across products of different brands. The main identity of a brand is its logo. 
Big Companies spends a fair amount of money for their logo designing.

As their logos are attractive, the logos also have some facts related to them.

Read onto this article and you will find some amazing facts related to logos of different brands.

# Fact 1

The logo of Toyota shows every letter of Toyota in it. 

# Fact 2

The logo of Hyundai shows a handshake, Which symbolises customer trust and satisfaction. 

# Fact 3

The first logo of apple depicts; 
Isaac Newton sitting below the apple tree and the Apple being ready to fall over his head which was later replaced by the bitten Apple logo. 

# Fact 4

The P in the logo of Pinterest symbolises a board pin.

# Fact 5

In the logo of LG, L symbolises nose, G represent the face and the dot in the middle shows the eye. Collectively the logo symbolises the smiling human face.

# Fact 6

In the logo of Amazon, the yellow smiley curve from A to Z symbolises, that they sell everything.

# Fact 7

The logo of Nike costs only $35 to the owner of company, who paid only $35 to the designer of the logo in 1971. 

# Fact 8

The name of brand Adidas is taken from the name of the owner, Adolf dassler. The logo has three striped mountains, to inspire athletes to achieve great heights. 

# Fact 9

The logo of Audi has four rings, which symbolises the union of four Auto Company, Audi with Horch, DKW and wanderer

# Fact 10

Baskin Robbins, the ice cream company shows the number 31 in its logo which symbolises 31 different flavours.

These were a few facts related to logos of different brands. 

That's all in this article.

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