Why there is a holiday on Sunday?

Why there is a holiday on Sunday ?

Tomorrow is holiday. A wave of happiness flows in our body after hearing the same. We love the holidays and the day for which we all eagerly wait is the sunday.

But do you know when this trend of holidays on Sunday started.
The reason for holiday on Sunday in India is different from rest of the world.

Read on to this article and you will get to know the answer to your question.

When Britishers were ruling over India, the labourers had to do work on everyday throughout the year without any rest. 

Then an Indian named Narayan meghaji Lokhande, raised his voice for the workers, but the British government declined his proposal. But after a long hustle of 7 years, Britishers agreed to his proposal. 

That's how the trend of holiday on Sunday started in India. 

But in the western countries the reason differs from that of India. 
There two believes are common about this. 

1st the religious belief, 
People believe apart from 6 working days of week they need to devote at least one day to God. So there is a holiday on Sunday.

2nd belief is that,
People need at least one day rest in the week, So that there is a holiday on Sunday.

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